Mum’s Creations draws on our fabric for reusable kitchen wrap


Donna Sacuta from Mum’s Creations sent us a note about her new product made from Our Social Fabric material — a reusable kitchen wrap cloth!

Here’s a bit from her press release, which kindly spotlights OSF :)

The reusable fabric square is designed for convenient wrapping and transporting of virtually anything. “You can carry groceries, transport food or protect perishables with the Wrapping Cloth,” according to Mum’s Creations’ founder Donna Sacuta.

“Our Wrapping Cloth also doubles as gift wrap, an apron or a tablecover.”

Integral to the product is that it supports a Vancouver-based textile recycling initiative.

“Much of the fabric is sourced from Our Social Fabric, a non-profit Vancouver group that helps recycle excess fabric from manufacturers, the movie industry, and more.”

The cloth is based upon the Japanese art of “furoshiki”: a traditional practice of using fabric squares for a multitude of purposes. In modern Japan, similar wrapping cloths are taking the place of less environmentally friendly plastic bags.