What to do with old sheets and towels?

We have lots of people requesting a place to take their old sheets and  towels. One of our goals is to one day be recycling textiles, but we are not there yet. So the question is – what can you do with your old sheets or towels or where can you take them? We all know that the last place we want to see worn out, but still usable items, is in the landfill. If your linens are still usable (ie. no holes or stains, or completely threadbare), you can take them to a charity shop such as the Salvation Army for someone else to use.

If they’re beyond that point, a cursory search on the Internet shows up lots of sites with suggestions as to what to do with these items. One site that is concise and useful is Apartment Therapy’s “Top 10 Ways To Recycle Your Old Towels and Sheets”. It has suggestions such as donating sheets and towels to animal shelters, making toys for your pets and using towels to thicken up your ironing board pad. The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC, located in Burnaby will take sheets and towels to use for animals.

Clean Home Ideas “Recyling Old Sheets and Towels” suggests using old sheets as painting drop cloths.

Let us know if you have any other ideas or useful resources.

3 thoughts on “What to do with old sheets and towels?

  1. The SPCA is very happy to take your clean old towels and sheets to wrap up injured animals.

    Sheets for drop clothes painting and as picnic blankets and table covers is a good use but limited in number that you would need.

  2. The Wildlife Rescue Association in central Burnaby will also take old towels and sheets for animal clean-up and bedding.

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