Halloween Fabric Sale October 22nd – For Real This Time!

Our Social Fabric is pleased to host the first fabric sale in our new location at FROGBOX just in time for Halloween. Our fabrics are suitable for costuming, set dressing, fashion design, quilting, screen printing and countless other creative pursuits. Come and peruse our wide selection at great bulk prices to make your spookiest dreams come true!

2 thoughts on “Halloween Fabric Sale October 22nd – For Real This Time!

    • Hi Denise, thanks for your inquiry. Because we are run by volunteers and we are not a store, our doors will not be open outside of 11-3. If you cannot make it during that time, you might be able to make it to our next sale in November (details to come soon). We also do sales by appointment if you are interested in quantity. Email oursocialfabric@gmail.com if you’d like to make an appointment.

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