Saturday, May28th. Parking lot! Come one! Come all!

It’s that time again folks!

We are opening up our locker doors for another all-inclusive sale!

The rules are the same,

fill a bag

get fabric

get excited


make things.

We are now also accepting VISA, MC, Amex and Debit!

heck yes.


11am – 4pm


33 Commercial. (Maple Leaf Storage)


Rain or shine we will sell you OOOODLES of new fabric.

oh, ps,

for those of you who think you’ve seen all we have to give, let me tell you

we just received 36 MORE BOXES

of goodies!

2 thoughts on “Saturday, May28th. Parking lot! Come one! Come all!

  1. Are you accepting bags of textiles at the moment, and if yes, what day and time, can I bring the bags by?

  2. Hi there… are you guys going to be accepting smaller donations again soon? I’ve got a bag of sewing scraps that need a better home than the dumpster.

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