Changes in 2011 for Our Social Farbric

Since its inception in April 2009, Our Social Fabric has taken off with leaps and bounds. Part of the reality of moving in leaps and bounds is sometimes you can get ahead of yourself, and maybe miss a few steps. It looks as though it is time for OSF to restructure a little bit, and create a new firm foundation from which to rise off of.

Two board members have recently resigned, due to lack of time to commit to the initiative. Leandre and Leigh have stepped down, and so with this new development, we are looking for new members.

OSF would like to find someone with some accounting or bookkeeping experience to come on the board as our treasurer, we are also looking for individuals with different skill sets and interests. If you are someone who cares about the earth, has experience that you think would be beneficial to a great mix of people, please do get in touch.

You can reach Kim Cathers at 778 918 4773 or email us at

In the next months we are going to restart and refresh OSF, so keep an eye out for us your community!

As for taking donations, right now we are only accepting larger donations from productions and factories. Once we get everything redefined we will open the donation doors up to individual people.. so hang on to that fabric folks! A new breath of fresh air is just around the corner!