This coming Saturday and Sunday, Our Social Fabric is hosting a ‘Fill-A-Bag’ sale!! If you have never experienced one of these extravaganza’s you are in for a real treat! The rules are simple –

1) you purchase one of 3 sizes of bag from us (ranging from $25 -$100 sizes)

2) you go digging, searching and swimming through piles and piles of amazing fabric notions and clothes

3) you squish as much stuff into the bag as humanly possible

4) everyone wins!

Since we now have 2 storage rooms FULL of fabric, we decided it was time to some pre-spring house cleaning.

We invite you to join us

11-4 Saturday Feb 5th


11-4 Sunday Feb 6th

33 Commercial. The Maple Leaf storage facility on the corner of Powell and Commercial Drive.

One thought on “2 DAY ‘FILL-A-BAG’ SALE!!

  1. Hi there! Can you please include an RSS feed on your blog so that people can get updates of your posts? I don’t want to miss another fabric sale. A contact page would be a great idea too.

    Thanks, Cher.

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