Our Social Fabric needs your Vote!

As of today, November 1st, we have been accepted into the runnings to recieve a grant from Pepsi. With enough votes at this website – http://pep.si/clmWDE – we could win $100k and give this initiative the push it needs. Please tell everyone you know to take the few minuets and vote for us. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Please do your part to help us.



2 thoughts on “Our Social Fabric needs your Vote!

  1. I have voted for you and now I would like to know where you are located so that I can drop off some fabrics. Your idea is commendable, however finding your whereabout, not easy

  2. I have several dozen used uniform to dispose of and hope to be able to donate these to your organization. Could you provide me with the days/hours that I can drop these off? Is the drop off site easily accessible?
    Deb Jahour

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