Update for June

Hello everyone,

Thanks for following along on our journey here at OSF! It has been over a year since the first meeting, and boy o boy, have we come a long way baby. When Leandre Malcon ( founder of OSF) approached Kim Cathers in April of 2009 to join the small team of volunteers of OSF, she jumped on board. Kim has brought her knowledge of fabric and the fashion industry to the table, and has stepped up to manage and facilitate the day to day happenings. She has been recycling clothing and textiles for over 11 years, and has brought innovative ideas to the initiative. Leandre Malcon has worked in the film industry building sets for a number of years, and was disheartened by all the waste afer each production. This prompted him to create Our Social Fabric. Because of Leandre’s connections in the film and TV industry OSF was able to begin receiving textiles right away from productions like Stargate and Smallville. In the last year, OSF has been raising awareness in the community about textile recycling in Vancouver , producing products, and is now applying for grants to get the last bit of momentum to really make this initiative fly. Louise Schwartz from the recycling alternative in Vancouver is also on the board of directors and has been a major asset to OSF, with her business expertise and recycling know how. Myriam Laroche the founder of  Vancouver Eco Fashion Week is also an active member on our board and we are so pleased to have her with us. Our 5th member is Leigh Graham who comes to us from Burnaby ( correct me if I’m wrong Leigh!), Leigh helps out where ever and whenever needed, he brings business management and a good attitude each and every week… not to mention his willingness to do everything from cutting fabric, to donating materials, and even storing a fabric at fist when we had no space to do so!

The team at our social Fabric is pleased to be working together on this beautiful project. We are planning to have another fabric sale on Sept 11th, and will keep you posted as the details unfold.

Til next time!

3 thoughts on “Update for June

  1. Please add me to your emailinglist! I belong to a number of Guilds and a Sewing group, and we would be interested in what you are doing from both ends of the spectrum – attending your sales and donating fabrics.
    Congratulatiosn to Kim – watched her on Runway! R Aylmer

  2. Are you interested / have a market for small samples of fabric, from the textile / fabric industry. I hate the idea of throwing them in a landfill. Just thought I’d ask.


  3. I found you via my friend Gretchen Elsner. Love what you are doing – I organised a few Swap-O-Rama-Ramas in Vancouver a couple of years ago and know the problem of excess cloth. I live on Lasqueti Island now and we have a Free Store, run by the regional district, that helps keep usuable clothing and fabric out of the landfill.

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